Independent Practitioners Association Foundation

IPA Forum

This is an unconstituted platform for communication between Family Practitioners and the Administrator Medscheme. The Family Practitioner component is made up of senior members of the IPA Foundation together with a senior representative of the DFPA. Medscheme is represented by senior staff dedicated to provider relationships and includes advisors, access to actuaries and legal expertise. The Forum has been meeting since 2008 and it forms a most useful entity for communication and development of projects which are directed at upskilling of Family Practitioners, communication with various schemes, development and monitoring of profiles including the peer review process and its administration. It provides an opportunity for Family Practitioners to promote their interests and have their pivotal role endorsed and enhanced. The Forum is not just a talk-shop. The relationship is bound by an MOU and a commitment to confidentiality from all participants. There are four face to face meetings per annum, there are upskilling workshops, peer review meetings and a planning exercise run by a skilled advisor which details the year’s goals and objectives.