Independent Practitioners Association Foundation


At Medshield you are guaranteed to find a healthcare option that meets your specific personal requirements. We focus on providing quality, affordable healthcare products that are enhanced with more benefits to ensure that you receive more value for your money. In addition, our Wellness benefit offers a number of tests, curbing your healthcare expenditure through preventative healthcare. Over and above affordable rates, a product to suit your personal requirements and enhanced benefits, the Scheme has a rich history with an exceptionally experienced and friendly team to assist you. You can trust us to care for you and your family.

Medshield has been caring for South African citizens since 1968 and is one of the largest, most trusted and well established medical aid schemes in South Africa. We currently cover over 191 000 lives.

We are able to offer preferential rates to our members through our strategic partnership networks.

We pride ourselves on receiving a AA-Global Credit rating for the 6th consecutive year. This credit rating is testament to our claim paying ability – proving that we are able to pay your claims on time, every time.

Medshield is well represented throughout all nine provinces if you require one on one time with a Consultant, although our state of the art online claims submission system and our dedicated customer service staff enable you to manage your healthcare from the comfort of your home.

Our capable friendly staff at our Contact Centre will ensure that you have a hassle-free experience and will provide you with information to give you peace of mind that your medical scheme is always there for you