Independent Practitioners Association Foundation



Yet another first for IPAF affiliated doctors.

Herewith the latest booking system for patients to access your practice.

We will offer the system to you at no charge, however if you want to buy credits so that the system sends out SMS reminders to your patients; 24 hours before an appointment or; if there is any change to an appointment (rescheduling or cancellation) in the last 24 hours, then you can do this online at R1 per appointment.

When you sign up you will need to select IPAF member (see user guide attached) under affiliation and the system will then request a password. The password for all IPAF Members is: IPAF6898, in order to ensure you get the system at no charge and sms reminders at R1 per appointment.

Attached is a spreadsheet containing the information we need to create a basic profile for each doctor, his needs to be completed and sent in to